Chasing the wrong person


There may be times when you like a woman, but she doesn`t feel the same for you. You should choose a compatible high quality person to date. In the pursuit of getting the girl of your dreams you usually end up chasing the hard-to-get, crazy or even the uncommunicative girl because she is hot. All of your actions have consequences and you should know that.

A lot of guys try to get a girl and they are willing to do everything to put their hands on the perfect girl. It may seem like they do the right thing although it isn`t the case. It certainly happened to meet a girl that you truly liked how she looked. You suddenly compromised all of your values just to be with that girl. If you met this girl online she usually respond with short texts or it would take her a long period of time to reply. It may also happen that she doesn`t reply at all. Usually with this type of girl it is impossible to get a date in real life. She gives you ambiguous times when she`s available and she often cancels at the last minute.

Eventually you date with her and you probably hook up a few times. You did all of this things for her but she seems like her lack of respect never changes. All you want is that the girl will be as excited about you as you are about her. When you have boundaries and standards for yourself this doesn`t happen. Chasing someone who`s not that into you always leave you feeling insecure. You are caught in a rollercoaster of emotions and you always feel stressed out.

If you are obsessed about a girl you will not focus anymore on the things that truly matter to you. You shouldn`t put the girl on a pedestal. If you do so, and she doesn`t want to speak with you, you will see that the negativity about your own self will start to build up.

It is a great thing to try to be as attractive as you can, but you should know that when it comes to girls, you will meet all kinds of persons. You should hold out for emotionally stable women even if they are not that interested into you. Quality women don`t treat you like dirt, you should take that into consideration when meeting with someone.