3 things that have changed in the relationships of young people


Relationships of our day differ from those of the now very many years ago and it is normal to happen. Along with all the developments that I have "suffered" over time, have changed and relationships because people are influenced by what is happening around them, and the movies, music or even people you meet every day, I can only do to us influence and to impose certain ways of thinking and behavior. So, I'm going to try to do an article with 3 things that I think have changed over time in terms of a relationship between two young people. I don't know if it applies to all age categories, but young people definitely yes, for that I have noticed from my own experience this.

1. The seriousness of a relationship
If before, any relationship was considered as being serious, now more relationships seem to be just some adventures of short duration in which no one enjoys happiness sentimental. I believe that young people want more than to feel good physically and that, and other concerns such as the achievement of a career or simply childhood do not invest feelings in a relationship, and this is a very, very sad.

2. The arguments far too often
Two teenagers are in a relationship these days, is the ongoing feud due to various reasons. Even if you don't have a good enough reason, still find a topic on which to defend the contradictions that lead to quarrels or even rupture, of the moment, or even definitive. Jealousy and possessiveness are the main causes, and at least two should be at such a young age.

3. The behavior of the overall
We behave as if we were a couple welded, with a long experience of life and we expect our partner to do what makes a partner in a marriage, for example. We need to wake up and realize that we're still young, and our obligations and of our partner are still very small and few.